Team up with Claussen Enterprises and avoid any hassle with your internet

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to get internet from a big, established provider. You can forget the endless calls. Ditch the spotty service. Claussen Enterprises provides heavily reliable internet services in Porterville, California. For over a decade, we’ve been the choice provider for hassle-free, high-speed internet services for both residential and small business customers. You can count on our reliable equipment and network to get you and your guests online – fast!

Claussen Enterprises will install a high-quality antenna on your rooftop for over-the-air internet service. No need for home phone or any type of phone line. You can trust our specialists to setup a wireless solution that you and your guests can rely on. Our high-speed internet service can handle streaming video, online gameplay, large downloads and multiple users performing all of the above.

Claussen Enterprises can provide service after hours, on weekends and at night. Whether it’s to begin initial setup or to fix any sort of issue, we’ll be there to help.

Don’t deal with the frustrations of a corporate internet provider. Call Claussen Enterprises for high-speed wireless internet services in Porterville, California anytime at 559-784-7761.

Call Claussen Enterprises for reliable wireless internet in Porterville

Nowadays, there’s nothing more frustrating than slow internet service. Whether you’re at home or at work, you should have reliable high-speed internet to complete your tasks and to support your digital entertainment.

If you’re tired of dealing with slow internet service from the big corporations, call Claussen Enterprises. We can implement a sophisticated alternative solution for your internet needs. Our trusted high-speed internet services continue to be a reliable choice for homeowners throughout the area. We use a completely wireless setup with an antenna service, so you can enjoy quality internet without dealing with the confines of a wired service.

You and your family can browse the internet all at once!

With Claussen Enterprises, customers will have antennas on top of their houses that branch out to remote tower locations. Trust our specialists to install the equipment and set-up a wireless router with ease. With a high-quality wireless router installed, your entire family can surf the web without any problems. From streaming video to playing online video games, your router and internet from Claussen will be able to handle the load. Claussen Enterprises will take care of the entire installation and setup all from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Stop waiting for that internet page to load. Pick up the phone and call Claussen Enterprises for outstanding high-speed wireless internet in Porterville today.